Be Brave Enough To Follow A Dream

From the time I was a young girl, I always loved to read. As I grew up, a love for writing naturally followed. English was my favorite subject and despite my inner rebel causing me to skip a notorious amount of classes, I rarely missed English.

I adored the beauty to be found in metaphors and symbolism, the flow at which some of the best authors convey their message. When I found that my emotions were more than I could handle, I would turn to those metaphors and spill them out on paper, usually in the form of poetry.

My English teachers easily became aware of my love affair with the written word, encouraging me to write. One of my poems won a school literary award while the other was published in the real world before I graduated high school. I remember these teachers, the guardians of my future, persuading me to consider a degree in literature allowing me to dream of a future writing career. Yet, my inner critic slammed down the heaviest of hammers on the idea.

What kind of future do you have as a writer? You don’t want to teach or become a journalist….you won’t make any money. You’re not good enough.

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And there lies the misguided direction of a teenager. My focus was hell-bent on success and happiness being driven by financial gain while my insecurities weakened my spirit.

I was wrong. 

Please don’t misunderstand, I am happy that I pursued a career in social work. Helping others soothes my soul and its rewards far outweigh its annoyances, but writing lights my fire.

Today, this post is my 100th post on From Casinos To Castles. I know I have been distant from this space. I accept that is has morphed into something unplanned. But this little space in my small corner of the blogosphere, will always be so special to me. Here is the place where I unknowingly rekindled my sweet love affair with writing. Here is where I found a supportive community encouraging me along the way, much like those teachers who once believed in me. Here is where I found a network of writers and other lovers of words that lead me to more new places.

Among these writers is Emily, from The Waiting, (you may remember me mentioning her here). I followed her blog for sometime as I always enjoy the clever and humorous way she writes, especially about her daughter Cee. One day, Emily shared a post about her new venture as Managing Editor for the reading and writing community, Tipsy Lit. She spoke about this fun, new community and mentioned that they accept submissions to be published on their site in addition to their book club and other features.

I was intrigued.

I messaged her, but was discouraged for two reasons: 1. I never considered myself a writer 2. I had never written fiction. Our email discussions grew which soon lead to my guest post on Tipsy Lit about being an expat blogger. I stalked Tipsy Lit’s author interviews, v-logs and other helpful posts doing my best to absorb as much as possible; to make me a stronger and hopefully better, writer. I was also introduced to so many more wonderful people, wonderful bloggers, wonderful writers along the way.

I was ecstatic when one day, Emily mentioned that they would like to have me join “The Crew” and become a regular contributing writer. I, of course, accepted and my first published piece goes live today.

So, you see, this 100th post of mine is special. You are special. So, you’ll forgive me if you have heard some of these things before? I felt overwhelmed by the need to share with you where I am today, my dreams and maybe even introduce you to a whole new world.

Until then, let’s all dare to dream. I’ll start.

Hi, I’m Deanna and I’m a writer. 

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31 thoughts on “Be Brave Enough To Follow A Dream

  1. Hemborgwife

    Congratulations! Lately I have been finding myself at a place where I want to explore what my passions are and relate them to work and hope to have success like you one day.

    1. Deanna Herrmann Post author

      Thanks Bailie! I’m not sure I can call myself successful yet, but I am glad that more doors are opening. I hope you can find what you’re passionate about and follow that dream!

  2. Brittany Ruth

    Congrats on your new endeavor Deanna. I am an English major that got into Social Work too. Now that I blog I’ve actually gotten into so many writing opportunities that I thought were long gone. Guess you never know!

    1. Deanna Herrmann Post author

      Thanks Brittany! Hmmm, I wonder if there’s a correlation! Ha! So glad to hear opportunity has been knocking on your door as well! Have you shared any of this and I missed the post?

  3. Amy Lynne Hayes

    Oooh how exciting!! The 100th post is a milestone, but even more is your regular contributor gig! Congratulations on that lady - will have to celebrate properly when I’m hopping around Europe this summer. ;)

    1. Deanna Herrmann Post author

      Thanks Amy! You know, it didn’t even occur to me that this goes right along with your post yesterday! I have a contributor gig!!! Whoa. :-)
      And that would be awesome to finally meet you and celebrate properly. Hopefully we can make it happen. Oh! You know, I’m hoping to take a mini trip to London in the summer. Maybe there and we can meet the other fab London bloggers?!

        1. Deanna Herrmann Post author

          I don’t have a set time as it’s based when a friend of mine will be there visiting her family. Germany would be lovely too. We will just have to keep these great idea in mind and see if we can work something out!

  4. Laura

    Brilliant news Deanna! You’ve always had it in you and I’m looking forward to reading more of your work on here and who knows where else…maybe a hard back book one day?! Good luck!xx

  5. Hannah Teej

    This is amazing. You are so brave to reach out and you’re totally right, taking that energy from fear and turning it into something to pursue dreams is really the key. I am both mildly envious and immensely proud of anyone who takes that deep breath and plunges into something like this wholeheartedly. I’m looking forward to hearing more about this.


    1. Deanna Herrmann Post author

      Thank you so much, Hannah. It’s definitely hard and intimidating. There’s no denying that, but so worth it. You know where to find me on the other sites. :-)

  6. The Waiting

    We are SO THRILLED to have you on board with us at TL, Deanna! I don’t know how to say this without sounding all high on myself, but I’ll just say it: you remind me a lot of myself when I first started blogging. Your determination to be the writer you want to be is going to take you so far, and it is a pleasure to watch you spread your wings :D

  7. Molly @ The Move to America

    This is so great - and I really want to persue a career in writing, but like you at the beginning, I am a bit worried. I spent ten years as a teacher, and have (since writing my blog too) managed to realise a bit of a long held dream of writing. I hope to find a job writing too, but am currently a bit lost, so I really valued this post!

    1. Deanna Herrmann Post author

      Molly, I’m so glad it resonated with you. I still feel lost in some areas of my life. I just know I want this, love this and have to pursue it. Everything else I just have to figure out as I go. I think the same applies to you. We are in very similar situations, adjusting to new countries, new homes, new friends. Don’t give up on your dreams and come have some fun over at Tipsy Lit!


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