Saturday Feature: Unlocking Kiki

Although there were a few favorites missing from the link-up this week, we still had some beautiful entries! It was so hard to choose between Paris, Pandas and the others and actually, one person who linked up, their link didn’t work? I’m not sure what happened, but it just gave me an error and only showed as a text link. I know it happened to Cindi the week before, so please make sure it shows properly after you add it. I don’t want to miss out on reading your great work! And by the way, keep linking up, you can win more than once! 

This week, Kaelene won me over with her endearing post about her mom. I love the struggle she shares with us, the inspiring words from her mom and the awesome bracelet! I think you will, too.

Mom Knows Best

Two years ago on Valentine’s Day I was saying goodbye to my mom at the airport about to head off to Iceland for my first move here. I was excited, I was nervous, and most of all I was completely confused on what I was doing with my life.

Having just recently graduated college I had never seen myself as one of those girls that would move somewhere to be with a guy. I was always too independent to deal with that. But here I was, with my two bags packed about to move to a completely different country for a boy I fell for in Australia!

As I was hugging my mom goodbye I found myself questioning what I was doing. Is this really the right path I should be taking? Maybe I should just call if off and head back home with my mom.

I voiced these sudden feelings of doubt and my fears to my mom and in her response she gave me this bracelet.

“The biggest risk in life is the one you don’t take”

She had been saving this bracelet to give to me and while it is just a simple bracelet the words make it so meaningful to me. This quote completely captures my mom and her advice she has always given us girls over the years. She has always encouraged us to go after our dreams no matter how crazy they may sound she never wanted us to live in regret. She is one smart woman.

Two years later I have worn this bracelet on the days I needed my mom by my side and to be reminded of these wise words. A few examples:

  • When I first moved to Iceland and had a interview for a internship I woke up not wanting to leave the house. I had only been here a few days and was scared to venture off in town alone. I looked down at my wrist and was reminded of what my mom would say and got myself dressed and off to the interview. I landed the internship which lead to a wonderful learning experience and a week paid trip to Paris.
  • I took a summer job after moving home from Iceland with a company I had thought was who I wanted to start my career with. After the first week I wasn’t so sure. When I wanted to quit my mom kept reminded me if I don’t try I will never know. Again I went to my bracelet for strength and worked my butt off that summer. While the company was not the right fit for me the money I saved that summer funded a month long backpacking trip through Europe, so I am glad I took the risk.
  • H and I took a month long break, I was heartbroken and confused but long distance is tough and it adds an extra stress factor that only those that have been in long distance can understand. When H wanted to come visit me for the summer I was so confused and unsure of what to do. What if I saw him again and it just ended terribly. My mom said her favorite quote and left me to it. H stayed 5 weeks and by the end of his stay we decided I would make my now move to Iceland.
  • I have signed up for several events since being here in Iceland in attempts to meet new people and make some friends. Each time I have to walk into an event not knowing anyone I feel completely terrified. I have yet again turned to my bracelet for strength and because of these events have now met some great people from all over the world.

The point of this is I never want to live in regret. There are so many choices in life that stress me out but at the same time tempt me. When I want to back out of something because it makes me uncomfortable I refer back to this quote and ask myself, “if I don’t do this will I regret it?”

Amazing things have happened because I haven’t want to live in regret and I have took chances. Sure I have had some low points from risks I have took that haven’t worked out, but at least I will always know the end result and will never live in regret.

So get out there and apply for that job you really want, make that move to the new city you feel is right for you, buy that puppy (you will never regret it) do whatever you are on the edge of doing because no one should live in regret! And listen to your mom, they really do know whats best!

Thank you mom for being my best friend and the wisest woman I know. This bracelet will always be cherished by me and those words will continue to power me to live my life to the fullest!

Lovely, right? Hope you go say hello to Kaelene and make sure to join us again next week!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Feature: Unlocking Kiki

    1. kaelene10

      I think she is pretty wonderful as well:) Moms do know best (at least most of the time) and I am so glad I had her behind me to support my adventures.


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