Saturday Feature: The Rococo Roamer

This week, Brittany, from The Rococo Roamer, won the feature for 1) being so determined she shared two links (haha) and 2) these pictures are just gorgeous. She’s also a fellow expat in Germany and we share similar career backgrounds as well. I have yet to go Garmisch and I had never heard of Partnach Gorge. It is just SO beautiful. Enjoy.

During our trip to Garmisch, I really wanted to see the Partnach Gorge.  It’s pretty easy to find and navigate.  It’s right next to the Olympic Stadium for the 1936 Winter Olympics.  The Gorge is a natural monument separating deep cuts of rock by a stream.  The water is beautiful.  It’s open year round with the exception of certain times in Winter when the snow is melting and it becomes unsafe.  You have to pay a few Euros to get in.  You get to veiw the gorge by walking a path that is cut into the rocks and roped off at the sides.  The views are stunning.

The walk through the gorge is not at an incline.  It’s an enjoyable stroll through nature, however, once you exit the gorge you can either go back from where you came from or you can go up the steep mountain to the top.  It’s a bit of a climb but not very long and worth it because there are some beautiful houses at the top with the mountains for the backdrop.  There is even a restaurant that has some limited items for those that are hungry or want some beers.  I recommend grabbing a drink and trying the homemade cheese cake or apfel cake!

Near this area you can decline to a bridge that overlooks the gorge.  You can actually see this bridge when you are below and it looks terrifying.  Once you are on the bridge at the top of the mountain it’s even more frightening.  It reminded me of the Indiana Jones bridge.

When it was time to leave, you could either hike back down the mountain or take a cable car back to the beginning.  The cable car was kind of interesting because I wasn’t sure if it was in use or not.  You had to get the attention of the guy that runs it.  He happened to be doing chores around his barn.  He put us in the rickety car and told us to pay at the bottom.  There were no lines for this car and seemingly no one around.  B thought it would be funny to open the door while we were up there and the car stopped as we were about 200 feet in the air. I wasn’t impressed to say the least and slowly entering panic mode.  He closed the door and the car began to move again.  The guy that was running the cable car at the bottom reprimanded him, which I encouraged and we were on our way.

The last image is of the Ski Jump from the Olympic Games.  I can’t imagine how you get into a sport like that.  I also enjoyed my time snapping some shots of the scnenery at the top of the mountain.

Definitely worth spending a few hours or half a day at the Gorge if you find yourself in Garmisch!

I didn’t include all of the photos from her post because there just so many! But you will always find great tips and gorgeous photos on her blog so make sure to stop in and say hello! Have a lovely weekend all!

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  1. What a beautiful place! This is one of the reasons I love connecting with expat/travel bloggers - they can give you tips to enjoying a place that you might not have thought about.

    1. Well there’s technically no rule saying otherwise! I was just being funny about it. Thanks for joining us!

  2. I was *in* Garmisch a couple times in the early 80′s and didn’t explore it the way Brittany’s words and images helped me to experience it! :)

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