Dear Rednecks….Oops, I Mean Hoosiers


With only two more days to go, I thought it fitting I should bid you farewell. I would like to pay tribute to your fine state, by providing a list of expectations for all potential visitors. Now, keep in mind, I have only lived here for almost three years and I have only lived in two other states and one other country; therefore, my opinion is based on an outsider looking in. So, to all those looking to move here, let me share with you my top 5 favorites……

 No. 1   Customer Service, Work Ethic and Nonchalant Attitude

 Once you find a place to live you will most likely want to get set up with internet/TV. The fabulous locals here who work for these companies have the utmost desire to make your experience the best. They want you to feel like you just have a bunch of friends hanging out, so much so, that they will lay in your living room for over an hour talking on their cell phone as if they were at home. Now, they will most likely give you the wrong equipment, install it poorly and be several hours late, but they do it with a smile. And don’t worry, this excellent customer service is generally seen anywhere and everywhere and not just in relation to TV installation. Additionally, there is so much freedom in one’s work schedule here. The typical day is technically “8am – 5pm”, but what that really means is “when you get here – when you don’t feel like working anymore”. Everyone seems to be able to determine their own schedule!

 No. 2   Redneck Hoosier Pride

Rednecks Hoosiers take great pride in their vehicles and their individuality. They feel close to their automobiles and choose to cherish them forever by keeping them in their original state with little to no upkeep. As you can see, they also want to make sure you are fully aware of what kind of person they are, just by looking at their vehicle. I have also seen them go to such great lengths to keep their car that they have completely covered the rear end in duct tape to prevent any parts from falling off. Such dedication!

 Also, many of the Rednecks Hoosiers have grown up here, gone to school here, their families are from here and also grew up here and so on. They have a culture of their own (literally) and adore their fine dining restaurants such as Denny’s, Chili’s, and Applebee’s. Nothing global or outside of the box here!

 No. 3   Animals and the Circle of Life

Indiana is farm country and with that comes wildlife. There are lots of animals running around such as foxes and opossums in addition to the standard house pets. People here abide by the laws of nature and allow for dead animals to continue to stay in the road so that the vultures, insects and other animals have food to eat. No need to at least move them to the side of road; where they die is where they lie.

 No. 4   Rules that Make Sense

The first one here that comes to mind would be the alcohol laws. In Indiana you can’t buy alcohol on Sundays, but you can go the bar and drink it. Another one I love is that Indiana has come together on the issue of gun control and publicly stated that they “will block any federal infringement on the Second Amendment”. This means that they are actively working on passing an ordinance (here) that would require law enforcement to ignore federal law. And finally, traffic laws….I don’t know about other places, but here in Indiana you better stop for children in the crosswalk!

 No. 5   Community & Togetherness

 In some cities there are zoning regulations imposed by the city which determines what types of developments can be constructed in certain areas. In these cities you will typically have single family residential areas separated from multi-family and trailer parks are usually in rural or industrial areas. Not here. In Indiana your multi-million dollar home can be just a few short blocks away from your friends in the trailer park. Everyone is one, big, happy family!

11 thoughts on “Dear Rednecks….Oops, I Mean Hoosiers

    1. From Casinos to Castles Post author

      I know, right? ;-) It really is funny to me because everything is all mixed together. When I first moved here I asked a police officer I was working with where the best place to live was because I couldn’t tell by just looking at the neighborhoods. He told me the safest place was this area of town where all the cops live and one section to definitely stay away from. Other than that, it’s all the same! Ummm….ok? :-)

  1. Evez

    Having been to Indiana I have to say that it’s one great state with a lot of weird but really nice people. :-)

  2. Heather Strickland

    My time here has been bizarre and not in a good way but in a creepy bully/ stalker/gossipy we have to much time on our hands kind of way! Since I have a sense of humor though I can laugh about it. It is by far the worst place I have ever lived and I keep trying to find redeeming qualities but they are few and far between, wish I could say differently but it is what it is. Lucky you to be moving on.


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