My German Experience ~ Breakfast

Before we moved to Germany, I did my fair share of reading and researching. Sure, I’ve lived here before, but this time, I am moving over as a true expat with no American ties. I say this because before I had access to the military base and while you are still living overseas, you have many of the American luxuries; shopping at the BX and commissary and gas just to name two. I stumbled upon many blogs of fellow expats of which I followed and have since become “friends” or a regular follower. While this is great, it made me think, well why should I write about it when so many others are writing about it? In addition, people have google and can do their own research so why would what I have to say be any different? WHY? Well, because it is MY experience. I realized that today. I know, I’m making history in my thought process here, but sometimes we miss the things most obvious to us. Along this line of thinking it occurred to me that there are few expats who live in this part of Germany (at least that I have found so far). Even further, is that every experience is unique and since I decided to share my blog with family and friends, maybe they would be interested in my own German experience? Well, that’s what I think anyways and how we got here, to me, about to explain breakfast to you.

As simple as it sounds, breakfast is not the same everywhere. In Germany, the typical breakfast consists of a Brötchen with butter and your choice of Fleisch and Käse which to Americans would be a buttered crusty roll with meat and/or cheese. There are several types of meat to include bologna, ham and salami as well as different cheeses; although no American cheese here! I have yet to find a cheddar that is similar to what I am used to as well. You could also opt for the sweet option with butter and Nutella or jam. When you travel, are in a hospital or just out to eat, these will be the options you have to choose from (as well as fruit and muesli).

My breakfast today - Brötchen with “light” butter and bologna from our village butcher.

Eierkocher with egg cup - Image courtesy of

I have been lucky to find scrambled eggs and bacon, but for some reason, the taste albeit similar is not the same. I do see hard cooked eggs offered quite often, but learned upon my arrival that for more elaborate weekend breakfasts, M’s family has soft-cooked eggs with their Brötchen. I wasn’t sure what to think of this at first as I can be picky when it comes to eggs! I watched as M’s mom cooked the eggs in an actual egg cooker (who knew!) and then served them to us in cute little egg cups. Everyone had already cut their Brötchen in half, buttered both sides and then sliced it in strips. {I was confused, why the strips??} Then they took a little spoon or a knife and tapped the egg, cutting the top off and leaving it to sit inside the cup. When it opened, the egg was soft on the inside allowing them to dip the strips of bread into the yolk and eat. I almost didn’t try it, but I am a firm believer in trying most things at least once. So I did and I loved it! I loved it so much that I plan to buy to my own Eierkocher!

I do see pancake mixes and they have waffle irons, but I see these items offered up more as desserts and snacks/treats rather than breakfast. I have yet to see potatoes with breakfast and I really miss bacon! They do have it here, but again, it is a bit different. I’m more of a turkey bacon fan! I also noticed they don’t have traditional cereal bars. I noticed because Monster likes them and I have only been able to find fruit bars and chewy granola type bars. He loves the fruit bars though so it doesn’t matter at this point.

Monster’s favorite fruit bars - they are covered in a rice paper so they aren’t sticky and already pre-cut into breakable squares!

I also had to just do a twitter blast and ask these fellow expats about oatmeal! Lucky for me, several knew what it is called, where to find it and even gave me recipes! The expat community is such a great resource!

Instant Oatmeal

So readers, what do you think of a German breakfast? Would it be something you enjoy? What is your favorite or what could you not live without?

***Apologetic Disclaimer: Please excuse the glare on the photos as it is terribly difficult to take pictures in our apartment. Maybe Santa will get me a fancy camera this year….although I’d have no clue how to use it!***

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31 thoughts on “My German Experience ~ Breakfast

  1. bevchen

    Soft boiled egg with strips of bread (or toast) is known as egg and soldiers in the UK. see here -> No German I’ve met has even HEARD of this method of eating an egg! I’m slightly overexcited by the fact that your inlaws do it.

    We are totally un-German in our breakfasting habits. Jan has cereal, I usually have yoghurt and sometimes toast at the weekend. His family have toast or bread rolls with various types of jam. His dad does hard boiled eggs. His mum used to as well, but now when we stay with them she makes scrambled eggs (I’m assuming for my sake because boiled eggs make me sick). Meat and cheese are saved for the evening meal.

      1. LondonKiwiEmma

        This is fascinating to me. As a Kiwi, we’re pretty similar to the English, so nothing really exciting, but when we’re travelling in Europe we love to try everything - Tortilla in Spain, Croissant and Coffee in Paris and in Japan is really was an eye opener.
        I do draw the line at fish though, it just doesn’t seem right that early in the morning!
        I love that the egg cooked kinda sounds like the English ‘Egg Cooker’ ie. Eierkocher

  2. MeganJoyJaunts

    Your breakfast culture shock reminds me of the first time I walked into the “European-style” dining facility on my last deployment. It was closer and I was in a hurry to get on shift. I had never seen beans and tomatoes at breakfast. I gave it a try and like it, but it’s not my first choice for breakfast.

  3. Sarah B

    Thanks for making me hungry… It’s similar in Montana- I can find a bread roll but it’s not the same as brötchen! Either I’ve been gone so long I’ve started romanticizing my German life and only remember the good (because really, who needs A/C? I never remember it getting over 70F), or else maybe I really am German on the inside and I’m a German expat living in the US ;) (I like to think its the latter…)

  4. Expat Eye

    I’m more of a scrambled eggs and bacon girl too! I did, however, manage to find IRISH CHEDDAR in the local supermarket the other day!! I almost got down on my knees and wept ;)

  5. Amy Lynne Hayes

    I remember breakfast being somewhat different in France as well! No bacon and eggs in the land of croissants and pain au chocolate. It’s a seemingly little thing, but it really does start to stand out as something to adjust to once you’ve been without for a while! :)

  6. YankeeDoodleSaudi

    One of my favorite things to do in any country is to navigate through the grocery store, You learn so much about the daily life of the country through the seemingly mundane. And you also get to chow down. :)

  7. Suze

    Lätta & Schwartau. You’ll find both in every good German kitchen. :-) Ask your man to take you to Schwartau (it’s actually a city) They sell so much good food up there

  8. Heather in DE

    The breakfast definitely takes some getting used to, and there are still days when I wonder why I’m eating a ham and cheese sandwich in the morning! And I’d love some hash browns and real breakfast sausage to go with eggs too! The soft boiled eggs are something I really have to be in the mood for, otherwise I want my eggs cooked, thankyouverymuch. My boyfriend has an egg cooker also and I was just as amazed as you were. Those things are genius! :)

  9. sarainlepetitvillage

    In France it’s normally a yogurt and a piece of fruit, baguette and maybe a croissant. It just doesn’t do it for me, I MISS BACON!

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  11. Katrin

    Oh I can’t even tell you how much I miss my German Brötchen in America. I need my Brötchen in the morning! I am a vegan so I usually eat them with some vegan cheese or Wurst.
    When David visited Germany for the first time I had to teach him how to eat an egg…with the bread stripes etc. It was pretty entertaining.
    Another great post! :) Thanks so much for sharing! I love your blog!


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