Do You Think You’re Clever?

If so, then you will definitely want to play this little game with me! I’ve recently acquired a new blog crush, Aussa, from Hacker. Ninja. Hooker. Spy. She writes some real stuff, some funny stuff and some real, funny stuff. Lucky for me, she found me first, so when I went to check out her blog, I stumbled upon her “reveal” post for this game first and after reading, knew I had to play along. Beverley at Confuzzledom is also playing along!

Have you ever played the game 5 truths and 1 lie? I bet you have, but just in case, all you have to do is guess which one of these 6 things about me is a lie.

*****Please, if you happen to know me and know the answer, don’t ruin it for everyone. Just comment with your vote, but don’t reveal that you know it’s the right one :-)

Here we go!

  1. My senior year of high school I had 33 hours of detention from skipping class.
  2. I dated my driver’s education teacher and still can’t parallel park.
  3. I’ve had brain surgery.
  4. I’ve never put my foot into a pair of high heels.
  5. I’ve had a gun pointed at me on two separate occassions.
  6. I have 13 tattoos with plans for more.

Ok I seriously haven’t been able to get this song out of my head since I started this which definitely dates me….no judging. ;-) You know you love the Eurythmics!

So which one is the lie? I will admit, since my blog is pretty much G-rated, I didn’t bust out the real skeletons and shockers. But, I think there are still some fun ones up there!

Can’t wait to hear what you think! And if you want to join in this lying truth-telling game, GREAT! Come back and leave me a link to your post so I can read it and list it in my reveal!

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24 Responses to Do You Think You’re Clever?

  1. Gypsy says:

    Never worn heels? ( sooooo guessing).

    PS will there be a big reveal????

  2. bevchen says:

    No judging here… I used Would I lie to you as the TITLE of my post! (Yes, the song was in my head too…).

    I’m guessing #2 is the lie, or rather I’m guessing only one half of it is true, which makes the whole statement a lie.

  3. Aussa Lorens says:

    I think it is the high heels one as well! And I also hope that you are planning to elaborate on each of these truths… I’d be curious to see these (alleged) tattoos and to hear about the (alleged) pointing of guns. Oh and also! Thanks for the shoutout! Blog crush, muah? *blushes*

  4. Anni says:

    I hope it’s the gun thing! But I guess it’s the high heels ;o)

  5. Anni says:

    I will join this by the way! :oD Will try to put a post together during lunch break!

  6. Expat Eye says:

    No 2. I know some of the others are true - even if they seem unlikely!

  7. Gypsy says:

    I do (mysterious voice) …..

  8. Katrin says:

    I think the high heel one is wrong!

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  10. rarasaur says:

    I’m going with #6, because I like to guess, ha! :)

  11. As I catch up on your blog today, I’m going to guess and say it’s #6, not due to lack of tattoos, but my guess is that the number is wrong. ;)

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