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J’adore: A Trip to Paris with Jessica

La Ville-Lumière. The City of Light. I had never been out of the country, but for my twenty-first birthday I was granted the opportunity to go to Paris with my best friend.

No one wants to hear about the process of getting my passport or the long flight or getting through customs but it was all just beautiful to me.

We went during the winter to avoid a lot of the tourists. Yes it was cold, but I didn’t feel it. With my broken French from high school and my friend’s learned French from multiple previous trips to the city, we would be able to navigate fairly well.

We stayed at the Hotel Dauphine St. Germain on the rue Dauphine, within walking distance of most things if we hoofed it. It was an adorable hotel with a tiny bathroom and twin beds and a view overlooking the white rooftops of Paris. Breakfast was delicious. Who am I kidding? The food the entire time was delicious! My favorites were the baguettes grabbed fresh from shops on the street, chocolate filled croissants, Orangina, and Nutella crepes. I had no idea Nutella existed before Paris.

We visited the Eiffel Tower, didn’t go up in it because it was freezing and crowded, but just standing beneath the thing was an experience. I looked up through it’s metal spirals and thought “I have arrived.”

Notre Dame was one of my favorite attractions. I am not an especially religious person but I felt reverent inside. My friend got sick so I went alone. I spent a quiet hour or so on a tour, observing the grand architecture and sheer history of the place.

But the Louvre, ah the Louvre, that was my absolute favorite place in Paris. We didn’t spend enough time there. You can go to Paris and just vacation there for the museum. It is that large and densely full of art and information. As artists ourselves, my friend and I were in Wonderland. The museum itself is beautiful, not to mention the works of art it showcases. I spent a good deal of time in the Ancient Egyptian section because I have a particular interest in that period of history. I was sad to leave. I vowed to its walls that I would return someday.

We also visited the Rodin museum. I didn’t know I enjoyed Rodin until we were done touring the site. Some of the sculptures, like the Gates of Hell, were so twisted and dark but held their own unique beauty.

I had only a few days to enjoy Paris. But it’s something I will never forget. When asked what my favorite city is? I answer with Paris. When feeling blue, I often recall my memories of the City of Light. And you can hear me on the phone with my best friend often sighing and asking, “Do you remember Paris?”

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I’ve Never Liked Roller Coasters

I didn’t know it would happen, but moving to Germany the first time back in 2008 changed me. It changed me in a way I suppose I can never get back. I’m not sure I want to, but I know this new person has always felt a constant longing ever since. There is always a piece of my heart missing and I suppose there always will be.


I moved back to the states in 2010. When M joined me in 2011, I truly thought we would be there for several years. However, we hated it which was completely unexpected. Sure, we moved to the Midwest, which looking back I know was a mistake. I’m a West Coast girl and I longed for that kind of lifestyle. We did our best to make it work, but as you know the pieces of the puzzle just never fit.

We moved back to Germany.

And now, I still long for the West Coast. I miss my friends. I miss my family. We both love Las Vegas and we have the kind of friendships there that sometimes feels like only come around once in a lifetime.

But, I love Germany and the type of life my family and I can have here. There is so much security to be offered in a socialized government system. Life is more simple. Life is less stressful. Traditions are honored and maintained, such as Christmas. To experience Christmas here is like walking through a magic wonderland!

the-roller-coaster-largeAnd so, the roller coaster of life goes on. You expect ups and downs in life. That’s the nature of the beast. But for those of us who have two homes in two separate countries, our hearts are always divided. If we chose to live in Las Vegas, we would miss the best parts of Germany. By choosing to live here, we miss the best parts of Las Vegas. It feels like a no-win situation.

But in the end, you make a choice; the choice that you think is the best for your future and your family. It’s not necessarily the one that’s best for your heart.

For all of our family and friends back home, we chose this, but know it wasn’t easy. We miss you being a part of our lives. We think of you always. We love you all .

‘Tis The Season For?

That’s a loaded question! I know for some this time of year is more stressful than any other! My Facebook feed is full of all the parents with their sneaky Elves, the bakers, lovely presents, tempting sales, gorgeous traveling, wonderful Christmas Markets, and beautiful Christmas trees. And yet, somehow, despite seeing everyone so busy and socializing, I find myself retreating. I’m turning inward and wanting to spend more time with just my boys. I’m not writing as much and reading little. I’m playing with my son during the day and watching movies with my husband at night as we plan our little one’s special Christmas. I’ve never been one for all the hustle and bustle over Christmas. I have never felt that is what it’s all about. I think this year, though, I have other reasons for my retreat.

Maybe I am a little homesick, not for just a place, but for different times in my life.

Maybe it’s because finances aren’t as good as they could be, preventing the extra fun to be had.

Maybe it’s both of these things.

But maybe, just maybe, those things are helping me to actually sit back, relax and enjoy what is important every day, not just this time of year. Maybe these things are the start of  something new.

I was recently asked through an expat advisor if I had any advice for expats during the holidays. While this is my first holiday as a new expat, I’ve been here before and I know the drill. I know how to get through and make it work and what I said is simple.

Make the holidays your own. Don’t focus on the traditions you feel you are missing, but the new ones you can create. 

And I think, I live in the perfect place to help me with that. While I miss my family and friends and some of the traditions I had before, I love these new ones I am slowly creating. Germany’s Christmas markets are simply gorgeous and still hold on to so much tradition of their own. My instagram will show a few photos from during the day, but it is so much more magical at night and this was my first time ever going in the evening and only the second time to ever go at all! Sadly though, I think it is harder for this unprofessional photographer to get good photos. Nonetheless, I hope you can see why I adore Christmas in Germany!

Trierer Weihnachts Markt

My first time having roasted chestnuts and this family has been doing it for 3 generations!

Käthe Wohlfahrt Traditional Decorations Store

My first Dampfnudel with cherries and vanilla sauce.

“Meat Street” literally translated as this was the street that many used to live on right next to the standard market.

So from this little girl and all the wonderful tradition she grew up with

Yep, that’s me not my son!

To this grown woman and her wonderful husband and their little boy making new ones!

Warm & fuzzy from some yummy Glühwein!

Wishing all my fellow expats a wonderful time of new traditions! xx

One Bad Decision Led Me To Happiness

So it’s been a bit quiet around here, I realize. It’s a busy time of year for all of us so kudos to all of you who are managing to do it all! For me, I find myself becoming a bit more homesick than usual as well as reminiscing about the past. You see, this is my favorite time of year for so many reasons, but a big one being that I met my husband on Christmas Eve. I have never shared the story of how we met and thought it so appropriate to do so as a guest post for Polly while she is away getting married! So, if you are interested in how one bad decision led me to happiness, definitely check out my guest post here. For those of you who don’t believe in fate, maybe I’ll change your mind. ;-)

Telling the Truth

Well, today marks the end of my little game that I will admit, I really enjoyed playing.  To recap, last week, I asked you all to play along in guessing which one of the 6 statements about me was a lie. Then, to help eliminate some of the possibilities, I shared two truths.

So are you ready to finally find out the truth? Have I had guns pointed at me? Do I have 13 tattoos?? Here is what the list looks like one more time with the remaining possibilities:

  1. My senior year of high school I had 33 hours of detention from skipping class.
  2. I dated my driver’s education teacher and still can’t parallel park.
  3. I’ve had brain surgery.
  4. I’ve never put my foot into a pair of high heels.
  5. I’ve had a gun pointed at me on two separate occasions.
  6. I have 13 tattoos with plans for more.

Out of 12 guesses, 7 people believe #4 is the lie! I had 1 guess for #5, 2 guesses for #2 and 2 guesses for #6.


Definitely the thoughts of my husband.

Well…..I don’t know what to say about this except it is true and a bit embarrassing now as an adult. I was 15 and he was around 30. I wasn’t the only girl in our class he was “seeing”. We went on one date, had one or two kisses (I can’t remember) and I still can’t parallel park. When it came to that part on the practical portion of the driving test, I reminded him how we never practiced that because we were too busy “hanging out” and he just passed me. Total fail for me as someone who now lives in Europe.


I bet you 7 people are disappointed as you seemed pretty positive that you spotted the lie! But I have, in fact, NEVER worn a pair of high heels. I have tried to wear a pair of wedges and have worn a slight chunky heel, but never the standard high heel or pump.

My shoe choices would be these

Converse all the way every day!

Converse all the way every day!

Or anything the fictional character, Abby Sciuto, would wear (especially these!)

Love these!

#5—->>>> TRUE!

Yes, on two separate occasions I have had a gun pointed at me; once being an instance of road rage and the other being in the wrong place with the wrong people. BOTH involving dating stupid men who definitely fall into the loser category. Lucky for me, nothing happened and I eventually broke up with both of those idiots.

One of them actually did!

One of them actually did!

So, it’s pretty clear that #6 is the LIE!

Amy was spot on when she said it was “not due to lack of tattoos, but my guess is that the number is wrong.” EXACTLY! Ding! Ding! Ding! I have 3 tattoos, not 13 although I do plan to get more. Tattoos are addicting so as I’m running out of what I consider to be “appropriate places”, I am being very cautious and putting much thought into the next one or two I get. (By the way, if you look in my welcome picture, you can see the one on my wrist….JS).

Thanks for playing along! I really enjoyed reading your answers!