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Advice To My Pre-Expat Self

You know, I realize that I don’t write that much about being an expat. You don’t see envious travel pictures from me weekly. I don’t write that often about all of the great things here in Germany or complain too … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Bread Without the Can

Well, hello there! Why yes, it looks like I am still alive and possibly feeling better {dare I jinx it}. My head is still in a cloud, full of cold medicine, so be patient with me and possibly my poor … Continue reading

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Why German Grocery Shopping Will Drive You To Drink

Seriously. If I could go drunk or drink while shopping, maybe just maybe, the experience would be less stressful. Let me start by saying, I’m Germany’s biggest fan. For the most part, I think they do so many things better … Continue reading

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The Kindess of Strangers

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Or actually, our landlords, who I would not necessarily consider strangers. :)  While I have had many share with me their frustrations with Germans and/or their German neighbors being unfriendly, I have not had the same experience. Both the other … Continue reading

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Expat “Ah-Ha” Moments - New Page!

We’ve all had these moments. You know, when you’re standing in the grocery store, driving in your car and just trying to move into your new place, you suddenly realize you are an expat! Maybe you realize how similar your … Continue reading

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People Are People. Everywhere.

Being an expat can sometimes be lonely. I often times find myself searching for ways to meet new people, find new groups and seek out people in similar situations. Upon this search one day, I came across an article about … Continue reading

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Funky Town

Yep. That pretty much sums up how I have been feeling lately which is also my poor excuse for abandoning my blog and writing. I can’t truly explain why although I know there are reasons. When I ask myself why, … Continue reading

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