Telling the Truth

Well, today marks the end of my little game that I will admit, I really enjoyed playing.  To recap, last week, I asked you all to play along in guessing which one of the 6 statements about me was a lie. Then, to help eliminate some of the possibilities, I shared two truths.

So are you ready to finally find out the truth? Have I had guns pointed at me? Do I have 13 tattoos?? Here is what the list looks like one more time with the remaining possibilities:

  1. My senior year of high school I had 33 hours of detention from skipping class.
  2. I dated my driver’s education teacher and still can’t parallel park.
  3. I’ve had brain surgery.
  4. I’ve never put my foot into a pair of high heels.
  5. I’ve had a gun pointed at me on two separate occasions.
  6. I have 13 tattoos with plans for more.

Out of 12 guesses, 7 people believe #4 is the lie! I had 1 guess for #5, 2 guesses for #2 and 2 guesses for #6.


Definitely the thoughts of my husband.

Well…..I don’t know what to say about this except it is true and a bit embarrassing now as an adult. I was 15 and he was around 30. I wasn’t the only girl in our class he was “seeing”. We went on one date, had one or two kisses (I can’t remember) and I still can’t parallel park. When it came to that part on the practical portion of the driving test, I reminded him how we never practiced that because we were too busy “hanging out” and he just passed me. Total fail for me as someone who now lives in Europe.


I bet you 7 people are disappointed as you seemed pretty positive that you spotted the lie! But I have, in fact, NEVER worn a pair of high heels. I have tried to wear a pair of wedges and have worn a slight chunky heel, but never the standard high heel or pump.

My shoe choices would be these

Converse all the way every day!

Converse all the way every day!

Or anything the fictional character, Abby Sciuto, would wear (especially these!)

Love these!

#5—->>>> TRUE!

Yes, on two separate occasions I have had a gun pointed at me; once being an instance of road rage and the other being in the wrong place with the wrong people. BOTH involving dating stupid men who definitely fall into the loser category. Lucky for me, nothing happened and I eventually broke up with both of those idiots.

One of them actually did!

One of them actually did!

So, it’s pretty clear that #6 is the LIE!

Amy was spot on when she said it was “not due to lack of tattoos, but my guess is that the number is wrong.” EXACTLY! Ding! Ding! Ding! I have 3 tattoos, not 13 although I do plan to get more. Tattoos are addicting so as I’m running out of what I consider to be “appropriate places”, I am being very cautious and putting much thought into the next one or two I get. (By the way, if you look in my welcome picture, you can see the one on my wrist….JS).

Thanks for playing along! I really enjoyed reading your answers!

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20 Responses to Telling the Truth

  1. allangilmour says:

    An original idea. Great stuff. Sorry we missed it though. Oh well, better late than never.
    Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself love originality. :) Thanks for posting.

  2. Expat Eye says:

    Jeez, road rage in the States is intense! Very smug about no. 4 ;) Even though I still wasn’t right!

  3. bevchen says:

    Aww, I was wrong. Wow, road rage with guns… and people are actually against banning them?!

    • Yep. My boyfriend at the time mouthed off to an idiot next to us, they caught up and pointed a gun through the window. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about banning guns in the US because people will have them anyway. I think the changes need to go deeper than that.

  4. Anni says:

    :oO amazing!!!!

  5. Allison says:

    Such a fun game! Now the ultimate question: what are your tattoos of and where are they? :) I have one tattoo and I’m always considering getting another, but I have to have an idea first and I just can’t come up with another design that I like enough to get it inked on me permanently.

    • Haha…..well, the one on my wrist is “faith” written in Sanskrit, I have a flower/star on the back of my neck and I have a butterfly…..ummm….about 3 inches below my belly button. That’s usually the shocker, but there’s a big story behind it and it was my first and most loved tattoo.

      I know! It’s so hard. I want another but I really can’t decide what I want or where. I usually try to figure that out and then sit on it for awhile to make sure it’s what I want.

      • Allison says:

        I agree. I do the same. I really want one on the inside of my wrist, but it’s so visible so I haven’t really talked myself into it yet.

        • I felt the same way before I got mine on my wrist and I have to say that’s it’s been my favorite placement. I kept the width where it could be easily covered by a chunky bracelet if need be. I love it. I thought about getting one on my other wrist but I’m a symmetrical person so it wouldn’t work for me to have something different if that makes sense.

  6. Haha!! I knew it!!! I have one tattoo, and have been considering getting another one for a while now… they are indeed addicting! :)

  7. Sara Louise says:

    No.5 is so so scary! And so is the drivers education teacher as well, what a creep.

  8. Erika says:

    This was so awesome! I had a feeling that the number of tattoos might have been it! Anyway, what a fun way to get to know you better! :)

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