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snail mail

I love getting mail and by saying love, I’m sure that is understatement. Maybe it’s because it’s such a lost art these days, but who doesn’t love getting a package, catalog or card?

So, when I heard about Melyssa and Chelsea’s Snail Mail Collective, I had to participate. In case you haven’t heard of it, you basically sign up and they will pair you with another person. They will try to make it someone in another country, but at the very least, someone in another state. Once they announce the pairings, you chat with your partner via email, twitter, Facebook, smoke signals, whatever. You get to know each other and then you send each other a small gift ($5) and a postcard from where you live. Each month has a theme that your gift should try to “comply” with.

September was the first time I joined up. I am only just now posting because my package was held up at customs so I only received it yesterday! Yay and danke Zoll!

Anyway, I was paired with Sam who blogs over at The Married Couple. She and her husband have  a fascinating history of working with the Peace Corps. Now they are both in a transitional period in Maryland. That being said, the theme for September was “Back to School” and not only are neither of us in school, but me having just relocated and Sam being in a state of transition it was difficult to stick with the theme.

We decided to share something from where we live and give a taste of home, so to speak. You can see her post about my package here.

I was so surprised when I got her package! I had an idea she would send a picture frame because it’s something I said I needed more of to make my home feel like home. I wanted more pictures in my house of friends and family back home. She did not disappoint!

Candles, Frame & Card

She sent that really cute, rustic-type frame and actually had her card inside of it. {even more cute!} The part that really surprised me were the tealight candles. During Fall I love to burn a pumpkin spice candle. I mistakenly bought a pumpkin vanilla candle last year and it is just too sweet for me. So, I have been kind of sad about not having it because it is just a piece of home for me and let’s get serious here….I love the smell!

So, imagine my joy when I not only saw, but smelled these!!


And the best part, she had no idea of my love for pumpkin spice or my homesickness for it!

This was a fun and great experience. I enjoyed getting to know Sam and I hope you go check out her blog, see the package I sent her and give her some love for sending me some pumpkin spice!! ;-)

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10 Responses to Snail Mail Collective

  1. bevchen says:

    Smoke signals! :-D

    I took part in this for the first time in October. Putting together the package was so fun.

  2. Awesome!! What a great package to receive! Often it’s the littlest things that mean the most to expats - I used to have the strangest list of things for my parents to bring over when they visited lol. I might have to look into this! :)

  3. Hannah Teej says:

    Amazing! I cannot wait to sign up for the next one. It will be my first time and I’m a bit nervous.

    Love the candles!

  4. LondonKiwiEmma says:

    There is something so extra cheerful when you get proper post!

  5. What a cool idea for a gift exchange - and she ‘got’ you, even better.

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