Beat The Heat Saturday

M and I woke up Saturday morning, unlike the rest of the country, dreading the high temperatures we knew we were in store for yesterday. The past few weeks have been hot but not as hot as it was supposed to be today (around 105F) and then add the humidity and you can just throw comfort out the window. I had to wonder: Has living in the States spoiled us? Have we become dependent on luxuries such as air conditioning? And why don’t I remember it being this hot here when I lived in Germany previously? Maybe because it wasn’t!

So, instead of staying inside our heat-laden roof apartment, we decide to go to what M referred to as a “pond party”. It was a nice large area by the vineyards of his uncle’s hotel, mostly surrounded by large trees, with a decent sized pond. Apparently the party was all weekend so when we arrived Saturday afternoon, people were recovering from the night before! :) Little M ran around, loving feeling his feet in the grass and exploring all the new sights and surroundings. Big M was having a beer and visiting and for me? Well, I was mostly feeling more hot and wondering why I was outside. Bah humbug summer! But the atmosphere was nice and when the breeze would blow, it wasn’t so bad. Before I knew it, it was time for lunch and I have to admit, I was surprised. Of course there were the typical Bratwurst and Brotchen, but this expat was more than just a little confused when she saw bowls of soup being served. But we all sat down and ate, what I soon discovered to be, Goulash. And wow, it was good. In case you have never had it, this dish is full of tender meat, potatoes, onions, red peppers and zucchini.

I still couldn’t believe I was eating soup, but who could turn down something so good? However, the heat continued to rise so we decided to go for a drive and enjoy the AC in the car. As we drive around, I see everyone out and about; walking, riding bikes and motorcycles, enjoying the sun. Seriously people? IT IS HOT OUTSIDE?!

We ended up in Bernkastel and decided to go for an ice cream. Germans love their ice cream so much that they have “Eis Cafes”. It’s a beautiful thing… me. Just check out this menu and that’s only first page! I can’t believe it took me this long to experience it!

We sat down at a cute little table and enjoyed an amazing treat. Our waitress was super friendly, even speaking English to me (although not necessary) and bringing extra wafer cookies for Little M.


From my seat this is a view of the shopping area to my left

You even have the option for Italian “Eis” across the street

The goodness was soon over and we decided to head back home. For a day I thought I was going to hate, it turned out to be pretty sweet. ;-)

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9 Responses to Beat The Heat Saturday

  1. Thanks for stopping by and liking our blog. That gave me the chance to read and enjoy your blog. One of the best things about travel is trying the different foods and traditional dishes - so many unexpected combinations. I look forward to reading about your continued adventures as an expat. Anita @ No Particular Place To Go

  2. OMG. love Eis Cafes…and Eis Coffee! A generous scoop of hazelnut eis in my coffee. Yum, yum, yum!!! Way better than an American iced coffee, though that´s good too.

  3. Oooooooh! Yum!
    I am not much of an ice cream girl, but you can get me to stop just about anything for a bowl of Goulash!
    I think I would weigh a million lbs if I lived in Germany. Spatzle, Goulash, sauerkraut, and those deadly little pizza-like onion pies!
    Sounds like a beautiful day. I so miss weekend drives and all the sights and smells.
    Thanks for the pics … you took me away for a few minutes.

    • Haha! It’s funny but I actually lose weight here and stay smaller than when I am in the states. But now that I have discovered Eis Cafes, I may have to watch myself. :-) Oh and those pizza like onion pies are called Flammkuchen…..I had to ask M because that sounded good too. Guess we are having them tomorrow for dinner; want to join us? :-)

  4. Mmmm, ice cream!!

    With you on the heat… I HATE it! And we have no air conditioning at work. It’s always about 3°C warmer in my office than outside… no fun when outside is already 35°C! (95°F, says Google).

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