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It’s Ok To Fall

Have you ever had those days, that sometimes turn into weeks, where you are just disappointed or depressed? Lately, it seems like there is this funk, you know I mentioned it here, that I have fallen into and can’t escape. I keep trying new things, attempting to meet new people, I have definitely been writing more, but it is still there. I chatted with a good friend tonight who made me feel better as he always does. M and I have a date night coming up for my birthday, so there is that to be excited about. I have a lot to be thankful for and happy about. And yet, Negative Nelly I remain dependent on others to find happiness.

So I sat down to look at some pictures I took today of my little monster at the park and the walk we took and decided to read a blog I have been meaning to check out. It was exactly what I needed to hear at this moment. It felt like she was speaking to me and it motivated me to not only write this post, but to practice what she is preaching; gratitude. It is so easy to get caught up in what is negative or sad or depressing. It is so easy to turn sometimes into “always”. But I know this is not the person I am and I know I am usually happy, positive, and optimistic. That being said, I am going to try out Erika’s process of abundance and gratitude. I have high hopes it will help me get my groove back (not quite like Stella, but close!).

These photos do a great job of showing what I have to be thankful for:

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And sometimes, our children do a great job at reminding us of the simplest of lessons:


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