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It’s Ok To Fall

Have you ever had those days, that sometimes turn into weeks, where you are just disappointed or depressed? Lately, it seems like there is this funk, you know I mentioned it here, that I have fallen into and can’t escape. … Continue reading

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Hagenbeck Tierpark

A couple of weeks ago, M had to take a trip to Hamburg for work. He was going to have to drive a transporter pulling a trailer in order to pick up the item he needed. He thought it would … Continue reading

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Monster Momday: Debbie Downer Paradox

Welcome to the second week of Monster Momday. If you were ever wondering why I chose Monday {maybe you think it is because of the alliteration} I’ll tell you. I chose Monday because this is the day most everyone dreads. … Continue reading

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It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Can’t you just hear Mr. Rogers now? Or am I dating myself? Either way, it is a beautiful day in my neighborhood! I LOVE where I live and it occurred to me I should join up with the “Lately” link … Continue reading

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Awarding Wednesday

The more time I spend in this blogging community, the more I learn what a close-knit group of people you begin to work with and even befriend. I started blogging only 5 short months ago and in that time I … Continue reading

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Monster Momday: The Birth of The Monster

So, here it is, the first in the Monster Momday series. MOMday…get it? Like Monday? Well, that was my genuine effort in being creative and funny, but don’t worry, I won’t quit my day job. I’ll begin by saying I … Continue reading

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Sunday Reflection: I’m Not Who I Used To Be

When I started this blog, only a few short months ago, I had a vision in mind of what I wanted to write about and why. I was inspired by our courage to take hold of our life and make … Continue reading

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Meine Liebe, Happy Anniversary

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Truth be told, I hadn’t actually thought of doing a post for my wedding anniversary today. I have actually been a little bummed because we are unable to get a sitter to watch our monster man, so we aren’t able … Continue reading

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August Expat Q&A

Over the past week, I came across some lovely new expat blogs that I am happy to be joining in a link up this month. Belinda and Bailie have created a monthly expat questionnaire forum where we all answer the … Continue reading

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Longuicher WeinstraĂźenkirmes 2013 (aka A Festival in My Village)

Hello my lovely readers. I have had a busy few days, but wanted to get a little post out about my weekend before moving on to fill you in about our quick trip to Hamburg Monday. One of the things … Continue reading

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