What’s Your Favorite?

Is it in bed? In the shower? In the car? I find that I always get the most inspiration when I am in bed, right before I fall asleep; the shower is good too. What places work for you?

Of course, I am speaking about blogging….what did you think I was talking about? ;-)

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8 Responses to What’s Your Favorite?

  1. Let’s just say that it wasn’t about blogging :) Good use of words for suggestion!

  2. Walking my labrador retrievers! :)

  3. Right when I’m trying to fall asleep, or driving, somewhere where I am either too tired or unable to write the ideas down… every time! :)

  4. Siggggghhhhhh…. I thought you were talking about picking your nose. I must be getting old. LOL!
    But seriously, I seem to do it best in the car. Stuck in Doha traffic is where I seem to get most inspired for my rants.
    Though if I’ve got a glass or two of wine in me I can get inspired just about anywhere. That might explain my poor following!

    • LOL…I would love to be able to have some wine and write! Unfortunately for now, I seem to have to “fit it in” during monster’s nap time! It seems you become a master of “fitting things in” when you have a toddler. :)

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