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Monster Momday: Let’s Eat!

Some days….{maybe I should say some “phases”, because everything it seems with your kiddo is labeled a phase} Anyway, some days/phases I often wonder if I am missing the maternal gene. Or maybe my OCD just overwhelms that maternal gene to the point where I don’t feel it. I say this because some things are just not cute. They just aren’t. I have to think that either I am missing some view-point that other mothers have, or they have much more patience than I, or they are just lying.



This is a phase I just don’t understand! What is it that makes it appear to be so easy for other mothers? What do they see, that I don’t? I fail to see what is cute about cleaning sticky, mushy banana out of my son’s hair. I can’t seem to figure out how it is adorable when he is covered, head-to-toe, in spaghetti sauce. I don’t particularly enjoy picking up or vacuuming up a million and one crumbs off the floor every single minute of the day. I especially hate removing the other million and one crumbs, dried food and mashed food from his high chair seat. I don’t look forward to wiping his face and hands to which he inevitably fights me, screaming and squirming. I certainly do not have the energy to bathe him after every single meal, although it would be ideal to just feed him naked in the bathtub. And I don’t revel in the moment when he throws a piece of bologna at me, only missing my face because of my newly acquired cat-like reflexes.


Was I skipped when they handed out maternal patience and adoration? Did I miss the class on how to properly feed your toddler to lessen the mess?

Don’t get me wrong, I do think my son is adorable and each new thing he learns or milestone we cross, I also adore. I survived colic. I endured the sleepless nights. I enjoyed the baby food stage, but I admit I was ready to move on to “regular” food. But folks, this stage has to go! And I mean, it needs to go, like yesterday!

In true, magical, motherhood style, however, there is a moment that is so sweet and so innocent it takes your breath away. You are filled with pride and happiness with no words to describe it, but being overwhelmed with pure joy. Suddenly, something so simple can have the power to bring tears to my eyes. What is it you ask? This moment, where he has accomplished something new and he is so proud of himself, looking at me for approval. This was one of those moments.


He used a fork for the first time finally being able to grab the piece of food. And for that moment, as he smiles at me, all of that frustration, annoyance and aggravation disappears. This mom forgets all about her need for cleanliness and kisses that messy face. Those are the moments our children remind us to be child-like. That was one moment, for me, that is a reminder that this too shall pass. I look forward to it passing soon! :-)

Do you remember a moment like this? Can you relate to my feelings of missing the maternal gene? I’d love to hear about it!