Oh Technology

Well my friends, it appears that there is some sort of “bug” that WordPress is trying to fix. They sent out a temporary fix however it only somewhat helped my blog. The bug is making text disappear, nav bars disappear and wreaking havoc on design. Hopefully it will be fixed soon and I appreciate your patience in the meantime!

**The nav bar still exists at the top of my page, you just can’t see it. So you can move along and select if you are looking for something. **

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10 Responses to Oh Technology

  1. That sucks. I hope it gets fixed soon! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hmm, I suppose I’ll stand by you… ;)

  3. Looks back to normal as far as I can tell from here! Writing is showing up in previous posts, nav bar is there - hopefully it’s all sorted now!! :)

  4. Looks good right now. But how nerve-wracking!

  5. Seems to be working okay now. Yaaay!!

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