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Five Simple Things #8 {Inspiration}

Oh hello sweet Wednesday! I wish you were Friday, but oh, so happy you are not Monday! This week has been better than last week for sure, but I think I have a teething monster on my hand. Teething. Never. … Continue reading

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Sharing My Secret: One Mom’s Journey with Postpartum Depression

The response and feedback I received from my post last week about postpartum depression, Share Your Secret, was amazing. I loved seeing how much support is out in the world and how women can come together for one another. I … Continue reading

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Feeling Feisty on Friday

Maybe it’s the stressful week. Maybe it’s because I just spent all morning cleaning my house. Maybe it’s because it’s Friday and I have the whole weekend with M. Whatever the reason, I am feeling a bit feisty on this … Continue reading

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Five Simple Things #7 {The Day That Kept On Giving}

Well friends, I’m here and it looks like my computer is back to normal! I’m so relieved about that, but still nervous that I will need a new laptop soon. It’s old and it’s time, but financially it is definitely … Continue reading

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Share Your Secret

I know what you’re thinking. I just had a baby. This is the happiest time in my life.  But do you feel happy? Think about that word for minute…FEEL. Instead, are you feeling anxious or overwhelmed? Of course I feel anxious … Continue reading

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A Reverse Bucket List

Well, this has been one busy week and I for one, am happy it’s Friday! I had the most lovely day yesterday at our dear friend’s wedding to which there may be a couple of pictures of my boys shared … Continue reading

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Five Simple Things #6 {American Expat Style}

Happy Wednesday friends! I hope you are all enjoying your week. If you’re having my kind of week, you’re on your way to finishing a case bottle of wine so far this week. That being said let’s take a look … Continue reading

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It’s Already Starting?

Glass-shattering high-pitched screams. Hitting. Throwing things. Head-banging. Back arching and writhing on the floor like something out of The Exorcist.  You seasoned moms know what I’m talking about. You knew it with the first sentence. New moms don’t worry, you’ll … Continue reading

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My Oktoberfest

Welcome to a little version of Flashback Friday on the blog today! With it being that time of year and seeing so many posts making me reminiscent of past events and great times, I decided to share when I went … Continue reading

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Sunshine On A Cold Morning

Brrr. That’s my word of the day. It was one of those mornings where I didn’t want to get out of my bed because it’s so cold in the house! ugh. But I wouldn’t trade it for summer; not at … Continue reading

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